New 1/4 Mile WORLD Record: 7.8 seconds at 182 MPH! What a BEAST By GTR ETS!

The English Racing GTR ETS team has done it! Their previous quarter mile record was 7.81 seconds! However, only a couple of weeks ago, their Nissan GTR R35 have lowered even that impressive time for 0.01 seconds, setting a new world record at the Buscher Shootout in Ohio. This monstrous Nissan that you are about to see is a collaboration between Extreme Turbo Systems and English Racing! The product that these guys delivered is just straight on amazing! The fastest GTR that you are about to see in the footage below is 2000HP! Congratulations for the driver and his sick driving skills as well! For sure, GTR ETS are the new kings in the drag racing world!

As you are about to see in the video bellow, it is really an impressive race that will leave you breathless and full with an adrenalin rush! That`s how powerful this video is! And once again, it has been done with the fabulous Nissan GTR. The usual drag race culprit! Who else if not the GTR?! Everyone dreads when going against the GTR! It`s one sick drag racing monster!

The start was very strong and done properly and even though it went a little bit sideways after a hundred yards, the finish was spectacular and the new record has been set. So, as you can see, even with minor errors, still managed to set a new world record! How fascinating is that?! This actually means that we should expect more from the English Racing and GTR ETS collaboration! We are sure they will break many records in the days to come! Not only new quarter mile records but ½ records as well!

So, without further adieu… English Racing team and Nissan GT-R R35 in all its glory! Congratulations GTR ETS for delivering the baddest ever GT-R!

Finally, follow this link to visit the English racing official website for more information!

Enjoy the video below!

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