“Hot Wheels” Inspired 1968 Mercury Cougar At SEMA 2013!

As we wander around SEMA`s booths, we had a wonderful encounter just outside SEMA`s gates. We are sure you are wondering whom did we encounter. We will not continue the torture. We stumbled upon a magnificent 1968 Mercury Cougar, a neat version of a Hot Wheels model. Hot Wheels was the mother show of the Cougar since 1968 and the brand has always had a thing for this quicksilver pony car.

Hot Wheels-Inspired 1968 Cougar

The Edelbrock Academy is a partnership between the students of Ohio Technical College and Edelbrock  based on the 2011 “HW Performance” series 1968 Mercury Cougar. Namely, the students from the Ohio Technical College picked themselves to build this Cougar, as part of the specialized school training program that enables students to upgrade themselves and gain a valuable knowledge on aftermarket performance products.


Hot Wheels-Inspired 1968 Cougar vvv

The students showed themselves very efficient as they were working on the rebuilding of a 390 into a Cougar XR-7. They started by adding plenty of Edelbrock parts such as the valve covers, Russell Performance fuel lines, water pump, Edelbrock Performance dual quads, oil cap, intake, air cleaner and so on. Everything you see on the car is standard Cougar items, except for the wheels, that mimic the Hot Wheels wheels.

After the students were done with their project, they took the Cougar for a walk around several shows, most important the SEMA. The tour was beneficial to the promotion of the Ohio Technical College, as the students were able to show their skills. If you ask us, we thing think that they have done an amazing job and that they have chose an excellent way to promote their school and their work.

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