D24 Powered VOLVO Has Its EXHAUST System Made In The FENDER Area! Thoughts?

Normally, the exhaust system is positioned in the rear section of the vehicle, and in some cases at the middle of the vehicle. However, this D24 powered Volvo has its exhaust system mounted up front! More precisely, the owner of this car has drilled holes in the fender area and he placed the exhaust system exactly there!

He probably achieved what he wanted, to attract attention, but if you take a look at this situation it may see that it isn`t such a good idea. Simply because this D24 powered automobile acts like a smoke factory! Just like most other vehicles set in motion by a diesel engine! But the thing is that this Volvo, with the exhaust pipes mounted in the fender area, damages two things however offers one good thing.

D24 Powered VOLVO Has Its EXHAUST System Made In The FENDER Area! The Owner Doesn`t Care About The Paint! Thoughts?

First and foremost it pollutes the environment, a lot. Yes, it is sometimes good to see a bit more smoke, but it turns out that this automobile produces a lot of it whenever the driver touches the gas pedal. Other negative thing is that this exhaust setup virtually ruins the decent paintjob of the vehicle!

On the other hand, we cannot say a bad word about the sound that we hear, it is the music for our ears!

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