Rare are the things in any Gearhead`s life that give him such a unique pleasure and sounds as familiar as listening the music of the original Mopar V8 engine. One really does not have to be a hardcore vintage Mopar aficionado to feel his neck skin crawl when the roaring of a Mopar V8 engine starts. And that is why we enjoy every moment we get when we come across such a video clip, like in the case of this jaw-dropping 1970 Plymouth Barracuda V8 that you are going to see in the following clip that we have prepared for you today!

And once again, the pleasure of hearing that sound and seeing a great specimen of 1970 Plymouth Barracuda beauty is coming from the north of Europe, which for all those amongst you who are following us on a regular basis, should be a sign that here we have another one clip from our favorite YouTuber from Finland, Jamboolioo.

So, what you are about to see is a supercharged 1970 Plymouth Barracuda V8 that is packing a big block 440 motor, that is boasting 550 HP! It is filmed in the city of Helsinki, in Finland, at the `familiar territory` for many of us! So, without too much chit chats about it, take a look at the video and enjoy the one and only sound of Mopar and the timeless beauty of Plymouth Barracuda!

And for those of you who want to learn more about the 1970 Plymouth `Cuda, go to this link.