Would you prefer a powerstroke Civic? Day time or night time drag races? If you want to know what our preference is, we`d say we like night time races better than daylight ones, because the cars are directly under the spotlight focusing on everything they do. You have a better view on the burnout, the smoke coming out from the exhaust and also you can see the flames coming out, of course if there are any. Nevertheless, this video today is totally the opposite. The drag performance you are about to see occurs during the bright daylight. Fortunately for us, the camera that is recording this footage is close to the vehicle and we have a better view on it.

Today`s contestant is a Japanese car, not a Nissan yet a HONDA CIVIC. This automobile has a massive 6.0 powerstroke engine that certainly gives a huge number of horsepower as well as torque. Also, it resembles a factory due to the fact that produces enormous amounts of smoke that certainly has left its competitors speechless. The footage is taken at Bradenton Motorsports Park, where the beast made the first official pass down the ΒΌ mile at the popular dragstrip. So, wait no more, check out the CIVIC`s performance which frankly was not as we expected.

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