Five minutes of extreme pleasure is waiting for you in this rollerman vs longboard downhill! You will have the chance to see a film made by Danny Strasser where you can see the most extreme battle! First of all, take your eyes for a feast as you will see the great and beautiful Alps with all the nature they have to offer! Then comes the real deal! Two extreme riders, one using rollers and the other one using a longboard are going to ride the “Col d`Izoard”, one of the greatest mountain passes in the Higher Alps in France! Jean Yves Blondeau, on rollerblades and Nico Bonnefoy on longboard are going to make your day!

“Le Rout Des Alpes” or The Rout of the Alps is now ready for these two adrenalin junkies that are about to ride these streets with a longboard and rollerblades! Jean, however, has roller wheels all over himself, his arms, legs, even his stomach! So do not imagine him standing on his feet and going down from an altitude of 7742 feet! Anyway, enjoy these two guys as they perform some amazing stunts on the road! France, the Alps, Jean and Nico are waiting for you in this rollerman vs longboard madness!

Plus, if you want to see one more adrenaline junkie who rides his roller skates at 200kmh, while holding behind a Dodge Challenger SRT8, follow this link and do a double take.