Mercedes-Benz G-Class ULTIMATE CRASH TEST!

Being a Motor Head brings you many knowledge in life. One of the first lessons learned are to LOVE muscle cars, but respect the durability and toughness of the European brands. Especially Mercedes, Mercedes is tough! To prove, and to have a little fun we are going to take a look at the Mercedes` commercial for their G-Wagon that has in mind to use hyperbole and point out the power it has! The ultimate crash test scene is set in one of the Mercedes labs where they test cars by hitting a wall into them! What was different this time, is that the G-Class went through the wall, then through another wall when it finally stopped! Thus, we get the impression that there is no SUV as the G-Wagon! Well, they`re not far from the truth.

You will all agree that it is one of the best Off-Road vehicles out there, it also gives you the safety you need. You can enjoy comfortable cruising with all the extra sensory perceptions! The Mercedes company has its` motto: Built unlike any other. However, many argue and say: Priced unlike any other. Sadly, this is kind of true. Will Mercedes change its` policy so normal mortals can drive their high quality cars?! However, this ultimate crash test is magnificent!

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