2015 Ford F-150 Passed His TORTURE TEST! See How It Went!

Have you ever wondered how the world`s leading car manufacturers are testing their products?! Well, today you have the opportunity to see how a company like Ford conducts torture test for its vehicles, in this case, the powerful 2015 Ford F-150. Different types of rough terrains were the most logical solution to test the toughness of this model, and that what Ford actually has done. At first, the mighty 2015 Ford F-150 passes through logs. Afterwards it turns to a rocky road and at the end the fulfilled track with large gaps is also successfully passed.

However, the people from Ford are not fully satisfied with this torture test only, so they continue to harass the poor F-150 on a special machine where the twist ditch test takes place. The next check is done on the paint of the vehicles. Afterwards the thing being tested is the engine, or more precisely the potential of it for thermal shock, where the temperatures are rapidly changed from the lowest to the highest. The two tests that follow after this are the one for the Davis Dam grade, the corrosion bath test and finally the power hop hill test.

To see how each part of the torture tests is being conducted, click on the video below. Finally, if you want to read more information about them, follow this link.