850HP Blown Charger With 572 Hemi Engine First Test Run!

Every dog has its day, as the saying goes and so does this great Dodge Charger that has been under construction and restoration for a whole year, and now there is the moment for its first test drive and a little inspection of that all aluminum 572 Hemi engine that can give an output to an astonishing 850 HP. Is there a better and sweeter moment for the owner of this great machine than the one that he is experiencing in this video that we have prepared for this article?! Everyone who has been through something similar will agree with me that there is nothing sweeter than tasting the fruits of your hard work.

As you will see it for yourself, the car is still not in a tip-top state, but it is definitely getting close. Besides some small details and perhaps a little bit of face-lifting, the most important thing seems to be perfectly alright. Just listen to that echo of the mighty Blown 572 Hemi engine. The video is over two years old, so as the info goes, when it was all done and ready, the car was shown on Charger Detroit AutoRama show.

I have no doubts that it made the impression on everyone who saw it, but if you ask me, this is the real moment of pure ecstasy.

Anyway, read more about the Hemi engine here!

Enjoy the video below!

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