2000HP 1968 Dodge Maximus Charger! LOVE ON FIRST SIGHT?

A short film from a NRE TV, about how the best Maximus Charger at SEMA 2013 had come from an idea to a true star of the event and many more things that are about to happen – the 2000HP Hemi Maximus.

In this video from the Nelson Racing Engines TV channel, episode 218, you are about to see how Tom Nelson and Scott Spock started practically from a scratch and came all the way to build one of those cars that is destined to become famous. The fire starter for this project was the idea and need of one of the biggest Hollywood`s motion picture studios, who decided that they need a new hero car. That is where Tom and Scott fitted in.

So they found this old and wrecked 1968 Dodge Charger and started working on it, assembling it piece by piece, component after component, until they came up to the biggest `star` of the whole project, the 2000HP HEMI engine.

The car is still not in a full driving condition, but slowly and surely is getting there. By any time soon, it should become completely functional. We are also going to keep following the future development of this extraordinary car to be, but for now, you can enjoy the whole story of making this `68 Maximus Charger Dodge Charger in details.

Check out this amazing video of a 1968 2000hp Maxiums charger!