1163HP Heavily Modified Nizpro Turbocharging Ford Turbo Six Engine On Dyno!

We have shared videos of plenty powerful engines on this website and we don`t plan on stopping anytime soon! Today we continue our tradition of showing you yet another amazingly powerful, and loud, engine! CHECK OUT THIS 1163HP Heavily Modified Nizpro Turbocharging Ford Turbo Six Engine Dyno! Can someone touch the manifold? HA HA! Not even lava is that HOT! Nonetheless, this little beauty was filmed way back in 2004. The 4 liter engine comes from a Ford Falcon XR6, and it is turbocharged too. It`s no wonder that it is capable of developing some serious power on the dyno test! After all, the Blue Oval is known for its incredible engines! 1163 horsepower at 6500 rpm is really impressive! The company responsible for creating this monster, Nizpro, did an amazing job!

We must warn you though, if you are using headphones, turn down the volume! The sound this turbocharged 1163HP Ford engine produces is incredibly loud! In fact, even if you are not using headphones, turning down the volume a bit is still a good idea. This Nizpro turbocharged Ford engine is that powerful! Having one of these and putting it inside any car will turn your ride into a monster! It should be noted though, that this particular engine would not last long inside a car. It is made mostly for showing everyone how powerful it can get. With the excess heat not leaving the manifold, the life expectancy of this machine would be quite short. It does look incredibly cool though, and that is what counts the most! If you are a fan of loud engines, then this video is definitely for you! Smash the play button on the video below and enjoy some incredible power and sound! Do you agree that this is the best 6-pack Ford ever produced?

At last, follow this link to watch one rather dangerous dyno test fail!

Enjoy the video below!

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