1600hp Ford Twin Turbo V8 FORMULA OFFROAD by Nelson Racing!

Welcome the Formula Offroad 1600hp Ford Twin Turbo V8 by Nelson Racing. Watch this unique, mighty car, facing the ultimate challenge. But before you do so, pay attention to the powerful machine that delivers that huge number of horsepower. This car has so much power, and not only you can hear when the driver is pressing the gas pedal yet you can notice that when you`ll see bigger amount of dirt flying behind the vehicle. A car like this and a professional driver make the hill climbing look like a piece of cake. Even then, the reality is different. Also, there are slow motion scenes as well as from the driver`s point of view for your convenience. By the way, this amazing turbo troll is driven by Guðbjörn Grímsson, professional driver from Island.

Turn the speakers on…

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Enjoy the video below!

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