This AMAZING Camaro 69 Can Produce ASTONISHING 4000HP!

What you are about to see might seem a little untrustworthy and might make you doubt stuff! But, after you read the text to the end and see the video, things will become clearer and you will be pretty AMAZED! This video has a 1969 CAMARO in it!!! Yeah, right, there is nothing impressive about that, why would you not believe us! Well, check this out! This Camaro 69 is not just any Camaro, this one has 4000 HP and no, it is not a typo, all zeros are necessary!!!

It is designed and looks like a race car, but the great thing about it is that it is STREET LEGAL! Even when you see it, you cannot believe it because of the design and engine, but it is true – totally street LEGAL! Tom Baily is to be “blamed” for this MONSTER! It was his idea of producing a 94mm TWIN TURBO, thus, 4.000 HP!!! He has a lot on his mind about this Camaro 69, for example one of the goals is 300 miles per hour in the standing mile as well as passing the 1/4 mile in 5.5 seconds!

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