1500HP TT Ford GT DESTROYS 1000HP Supercharged C6 ‘Vette! EARGASM INCLUDED!

Although the Corvette is an impressive car, this one in particular didn`t stand a chance with this Ford GT. That`s why we invite you to check out this amazing race between 1500HP TT Ford GT SMOKES 1000HP Supercharged C6 `Vette! You know if there is a good race video out there, we will find it and we will share it with you! However, it is not every day we stumble upon a one sided race such as this one! We have a video of 2 impressive American muscle cars racing each other, but one is just too POWERFUL! In one lane, we have a supercharged C6 Corvette, driven by a certain Danny. This beauty has a 402ci forged motor and 1000 horsepower! In the other lane, we have the American icon known as the Ford GT!

This particular GT has a twin turbo engine and a whopping 1500 horsepower! However, even though both cars are incredibly powerful, the Ford GT wins the race with incredible ease! We expected more from the supercharged C6 Vette, but it got annihilated by the Ford GT. You will notice that whenever the Vette`s driver tries to fight back, the Ford`s owner just applies more pressure on the gas pedal and leaves the Corvette way back over and over again. Of course, the difference in the number of horsepower may have the key role here. If the Vette have had a bigger number in front of the abbreviation HP, this most likely would`ve been a whole other story. But it is what it is, better luck next time. And always be satisfied with what you have. You can`t win all races, and the driver of the supercharged C6 Corvette learned this lesson in a humiliating way. GT is America`s only TRUE Supercar. Bye Bye Vette!

But, you should not be disappointed Corvette fans! Here’s a link containing the very best of this American muscle car!

Enjoy the video below!

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