1800HP ‘69 Blown Road Runner! Start Up, Walkaround, Test Runs…3 VIDEOS!!!

Check out this 1800HP EFI Screw Blown 572ci Hemi 69 Road RunnerStart Up, Walkaround, Test Runs… This thing is built by Dram, with a a slick black paintjob and full tube chassis. Is this the Fastest Street Car? We DON`T know, but we DO have, not one, not two, BUT THREE videos of this blown Road Runner for you guys to enjoy!

At first, this massive vehicle has problems to start. This is a moment where many people would say that this is rubbish. However, this vehicle shut those mouths in the second try. Not only the mouths, but the ears as well, because it is VERY LOUD! You can literally hear the power addressing you! In a normal situation, where there is a vehicle with a quality sound to be heard, we would suggest to volume your speakers up. But this time, we simply won`t advise you so. Additionally, it took three years to build this car and apparently it was worth it!

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Enjoy the video below!

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