TROMBONE That Sounds Like A Roaring Loud Motorbike!

Who says automotive lovers do not have a sense of humor? They are not just bunch of people gathered to talk about engines, horsepower, loud motorbike, torque etc. In fact, they know how to joke around. Naturally, those jokes are often related to automotive jargon. If you don`t know the terminology, you might not get what`s all about. But that doesn`t have to mean that car enthusiasts don`t have a sense of humor.

Anyhow, the video you are about to see is closely connected to the aforesaid. It offers a great deal of laughs for a very short time! So what`s all about? At the beginning we hear a distant sound that resembles a revving engine of a speeding car. But when the vehicle approaches, it becomes obvious that it`s not a car, yet a smaller motorbike. It`s not typical for a motorbike of that size to have such sound. As a matter of fact, it turns out that this is true! Actually, the guy riding this scooter has a passenger behind him – a trombone player who skillfully imitates the sound of a roaring engine! Once you notice it, you will burst into laugh! Believe us, it`s way funnier when you see the loud motorbike -- trombone!

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