SPACE Is Not A PROBLEM Anymore! See HONDA’s BRIEFCASE Motorcycle That Can Be Put ANYWHERE!

The Briefcase motorcycle by Honda will surely amaze you! Just look at its size. Wowzers!

Briefcase Motorcycle By Honda bike 2

Recent innovations have gone way too far in many different aspects, as people crave to create something unique and astonishing that will leave everyone speechless. In order to present something that will grab the world attention, major brands fight each other every single day, but Honda should have deserve that attention years ago.

Meet the Japanese`s brand latest motorcycle project called Briefcase motorcycle  with 50 CC engine that came out in 1981. I guess you`re wondering why it has a name like that, but after seeing the dimensions of this rare super scooter, you will get assure of it. Actually, today, we have even bigger briefcases than this cute little bike, but whatever the motives are, one thing is sure – this mini vehicle solves many space problems as it can be put and carried anywhere you go thanks to its carry handles and low weight. In addition, occupied parking lots have become a history, but you know, that must come with a price and here that is the limitation of 30 kmh -- the maximum speed that the bike can reach.

Anyway, fans say that this little fella comes with a low price of only $3000 on eBay, but the question is: Can it be bought? According to some facts, Honda used to add this kind of bikes in many of its cars, so we wanna know why the company has stopped that cool tradition. And again – Can we buy this bike somewhere? 🙂