POWER WHEELS On A Toughness Test! Will It PASS?! Must SEE!

Battery powered ride-on toy cars brand -- Power Wheels, amazes us once again! In order to prove the toughness of their vehicles, they are ready to test it in front of the public eye. Partnering with Ford, they will cooperate in this experiment, using Ford`s new -- tougher, smarter and more capable 2015 F – 150.

As a matter of fact, four Power Wheels vehicles, will try to support the weight of Ford F – 150. Ford`s new model weights 4120 lbs exactly! To make it clearer, this is how the experiment will go exactly: A brand new F – 150 will be dropped on top of four of these vehicles (one vehicle per each tire), in order to see how tough they are, and whether they can support this giant!  While some are being sceptics, hoping for the best to happen, Bill Howell from Power Wheels is fully confident that it will work.  He says they make their vehicles with so much quality, that there is no way he will fail and see them crashed.

How will the experiment go? Are Power Wheels really that tough? It remains to be seen.