When we heard the word Shaman, this was definitely not what we were expecting to see! We were pleasantly surprised however, and we knew we had to share this video with all of you! In the past, the word “shaman” has been related with a human who was thought to have a connection with the good and evil spirits especially among peoples on the territories of northern Asia and North America. However, that is about to be changed. We live in a new era, and the word “shaman” now has another meaning. Dear gearheads, we present you the utmost ATV of them all – SHAMAN! The 8×8 vehicle, each custom made by AVTOROS. In order to have a better perspective about this beast, we are going to start with its dimensions. To put it simply, this Russian ATV is a BEHEMOTH! Machinery of this size is definitely not found every day!

The Shaman is 19.6 feet long, 9.8 feet high and 8.2 feet wide and weighs 2.5 tons! This monster can easily deal with any kind of terrain thanks to its 8-wheel drive system, low pressure tires and 3 divergent steering modes. The Shaman`s driver can choose from on-road mode (front 4-wheels), off-road mode (active back wheel steering) and the unique crab mode which synchronizes all 8 wheels to move diagonally. In addition, Avtoros` ATV is set in motion by 3.0 liter F1C turbo diesel motor by Iveco which is able of delivering a staggering 146 horsepower and can reach a top speed of nearly 46 mph! All of this makes us want to get us our very own Russian ATV! Just look at it! IT IS AMAZING! And don’t be shy to tell us what you think of this vehicle in the comment section below!

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