800 HP 1993 NISSAN GT-R R32 Drives Like It Has A JET ENGINE!

For starters, adjust your sound devices for two things. First, to hear what the people in the video have to tell you about this car. And second, to hear the car`s response to all that! But before all that of course, our job is to give you the initial information concerning the content you have chosen to see. The owner of this 1993 Nissan Gt-R R32, Nick, has previously owned other model from the Japanese automaker. It is a word of the 1993 Nissan R32 GTS T. It`s not that the particular GTS T he owned disappointed him and made him buy a GT-R unit, but he felt like it is time for a change.

The current vehicle Nick owns, was bought with a (as he says) blown engine. It`s not that unusual for this kind of car, isn`t it? Anyway, when purchasing the R32, Nick had had set a target. He wanted to create a vehicle that will have 700 wheel horsepower. Guess what? He did it! And now, you have the chance to see this automobile in action! Also, it is amplified with a 63mm turbo system! Lastly, Nick has drawn in 220 and 240 km/h marks in his speedometer! That`s how fast this car is!

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