Listen To This THUNDEROUS NISSAN GTR R35 Alpha 12!

The vehicle`s sound is probably the best indicator of the condition of the machine (mainly) beneath the bonnet. If there is something odd in the sound of a certain car, then most likely that car needs to be checked. On the other hand, if an automobile sounds good (to you), then it is very likely flawless.The car you are about to see and hear as well, definitely belongs in the flawless category. You don`t have to be an expert in order to notice that! It is a word of the iconic Nissan GTR R35 Alpha 12!

We bet that you already have an idea about the content of this video, but let us give you a brief introduction anyway. The recording you are about to watch is no longer than 30 seconds, yet it shows a lot! In it, you have the chance to hear this Japanese work of art idling and revving its engine! Also, there is one rather interesting situation. When the driver revs the engine for the first time, one girl happens to pass by the Nissan GTR R35 Alpha 12 and when the engine starts roaring she speeded up and ran away! Apparently she chose a “bad” moment!

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