A “CAR” That Can Be Put In A HANDBAG- Electric WALKCAR!

According to the manufacturer, this device you are about to see is labeled as the world`s smallest car, because it can easily be stored in a handbag and take it wherever you go. Therefore, it is named as Electric WALKCAR! However, there is one slight problem. It does not resemble a car at all, although the concept is similar to Segway`s. We are going to leave this issue to the critics.

This device has a pretty straightforward usage. Just take it out from the handbag or a backpack (whichever you`d prefer), place it on the ground, step on it and you are good to go! The size is WalkCar`s greatest perk! It isn`t bigger than a normal size lap top hence you can carry it with you anywhere you go. You are operating it with your body, i.e. with your body`s movements. This amusing unit is made of aluminum and can withstand weight of up to 264 pounds. It can reach a top speed of 6 miles per hour and you can ride it for 7 miles or up to 3 hours! In addition, the electric WalkCar has divided the public opinions in two. Some people think that this gadget will make us even lazier whereas others believe it is useful for multipurpose usage! Where do you put yourself?

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