World’s Smallest Street Legal Car Is From Carrollton, Texas!

I think that after you will watch this video, you will also agree with me that besides being a great fun for adults, this great looking small vehicle is probably the dream car for every boy out there. I wish I could have one like this when I was a kid – only 25 inches in height, just over 2 feet wide and exactly 4 feet 1.75 inches long – it almost sound too good to be true. But it is! It is coming from Carrollton in Texas, and it is officially smallest street legal car, confirmed by Guinness Book of Record, this year.

It was built by Austin Coulson from Texas, and the way he is telling his story in the video, when he came up with the idea of building such a car, no one really believed in him that it would actually become reality one day. He bought some parts from old wrecked up cars, and modified it, but most of it is made from a scratch. And after spending many, many hours in the garage, he finally came up with it.

So now we have it – the smallest street legal car in the world that can be driven on the roads – and it is supercool! Just watch the video and you`ll see what I`m saying.

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Enjoy the video below!

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