1968 Shelby GT350 – The Right Thing Just On A Much Smaller Scale!

If you are a lover of Mustangs and a die-cast model collector, here is a big treat for your sore eyes. Acme trading Co. and ourselves, proudly present you this precious thing. The 1968 Shelby GT350  appear the right thing only on a 1:18 screen.

1405-1968-ford-mustang-diecast-engine-bay B

The GT350 Mustang Shelby has a top-notch yellow shade that invented as WT6066, as one of 6 unique Shelby paints applied on models from 1968. These 6 unique shades only adorned 159 actual ‘68 Shelby in total number.

Enjoy the PHOTO gallery below!

1405-1968-ford-mustang-diecast-engine-bay X

In case some of the above mentioned Mustangs die-cast cars got you interested in, whether the GT350 or the GT500KR form, the amount to which they are to be produced is supposed to be as around seven hundred and fifty units with the simultaneous addition of two shades of colors. The above mentioned vehicle shall be put on display from the Shelby collection. Some Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 versions shall be scattered, and displayed in frequent intervals.

As the valued production is nine hundred and ninety-six pieces s scheduled to be either at the beginning of July or at the end of June. If you like having one of the above mentioned beauties, ASAP receives pre orders.

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