A TEENAGER Has Come Up With An Idea To Clean OCEANS Of Plastic Waste! Faster & CHEAPER Than Ever!

We often present you articles including opulent yachts and fast boat. However, today`s post is related to water but in another, divergent way. It is a video of a speech by TEDx Talks, and the main theme is how to have clean oceans. In this video, the guy that gives this incredible and innovative speech about how to have clean oceans is Boyan Slat. It`s practically a speech about how to have clean oceans with the oceans cleaning themselves! It is a word of the project named “Oceans Cleanup” which is set to be operational next year. This system is almost 1.2 miles long and is designed to clean oceans by collecting collect the plastic that floats in the oceans. Actually it is a container with several compartments and will collect the plastic using the water currents! In this video Boyan Slat incorporates creativity, sustainability and technology. Which as you will hear, he combines all of this in a great way.

Many people think that this is one more floating device yet Oceans Cleanup is immobile. It is going to use floating barriers and with the help of the water currents the plastic will go directly towards this system without hurting the marine life!

Its design allows a coverage of millions square miles! This clean oceans system is planned to be placed near the island of Tsushima, located between Japan and South Korea. Later on, the plastic will be used as an alternative energy source. Nearly 8 tons of plastic end up in the water each year threatening and killing millions of birds and thousands marine mammals. The inventor, Boyan Slat, expects that the cleaning will cost 33 times less than now and will be 7900 times faster!

There are also cons about having clean oceans in this way. But Slat and 70 other fellow scientists composed and made a 530 page report. Their conclusion was that this concept for having clean oceans is a very feasible technique for an ocean cleanup. This conclusion of their`s has also been externally peer reviewed by additional group of experts. So fingers crossed guys, let`s hope this technique will be very efficient, because having clean oceans is the least we can do for our planet.

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