Take a moment of your time to fantasies about the perfect life! Just lay back on your chair, relax and imagine yourself at the open sea, just you, a glass of wine and a $330.000.000 YACHT!!! This may sound impossible to you, but, it is the reality of YURI SCHEFFLER! If you haven`t heard of him before, he is a Russian Vodka Tycoon and he sure knows how to enjoy life! This yacht that we are talking about is called FINCANTIERI SERENE and is one of the WORLD`S LARGEST SUPERYACHTS! If you have a lot of money to spend, buying the largest superyacht seems like a reasonable thing to do! This is probably what went through Yuri Scheffler`s mind when he decided to purchase this BEAUTY!

It was built by the Italian shipyard Fincantieri in a period of 4 years! The yacht is 440 feet long and it has a beam of 61 feet! It has a total capacity of 24 people that can enjoy the INSIDE SEA WATER SWIMMING POOL and all the other luxury stuff! But that`s not all, this BEAST can be used as a storage for a LARGE SUBMARINE and it can also be used as a platform for TWO HELICOPTERS! The decks are clearly modern and decorated with the very best, including spas, outdoor sitting areas and so on! Check it out guys!!! You won`t be disappointed! Just looking at this beautiful masterpiece boat will make your jaw drop to the floor! So what are you waiting for? See the largest superyacht owned by Yuri Scheffler in the video below and motivate yourself to get an even bigger one for your own pleasure!!!

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