AREA 51 Digilegs Are Now AVAILABLE to Buy! Want Some?

For the monster inside you – that is just the right statement to describe the purpose of these leg extensions that guarantee an extraordinary fun with your friends. These Area 51 digilegs are already available for purchase, so if you plan to have them, then start saving some money because you will need around $950 for this modern toy.

The video below shows the action that can be done with these digitigrade extensions and there is no doubt that they are the perfect tool for some awesome and scary public pranks. All you will need are the leg extensions and a suitable alien costume, if you want to experience one different point of walking and running, like aliens or dinosaurs use to do. This unique and interesting design is about to smash the market, as it is not a prototype, but a final product that can be ordered straight away.

Unfortunately, this year`s Halloween is over, but I bet that now you have an idea on how to be masked for the next one. Trick or treating is going to be different next year kids. However, if you already own these digilegs, then feel free to share your creative experience with them. Have fun!

Anyway, read another Area 51 perspective!

Enjoy the video below!

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