I have probably said this before, but regardless of that, I will repeat it again anyway! One really does not have to be a big time fan of the rat rods or hot rods, in order to be able to enjoy in these bad boys. I mean, a man cannot help it but to feel a respect for those guys with a vision to create something attractive and unique, powerful and fast, out of (almost) nothing. Usually pieces of junk, turned into something that deserves our respect! Thus, today we are going to show you one such an example that is coming down from Orlando, in Florida, which is a pretty cool looking compound twin turbo diesel rat rod.

It is packing a Dodge Cummins diesel motor, which, along with the 63mm manifold turbo, gives it a capability to take on some pretty serious opponents, like the Chevy Camaro ZL1!

I really think that I do not have to say more, because the last fact speaks for itself. So just check out the TWIN TURBO DIESEL RAT ROD, listen more about this fine rat rod from the man behind it, and see it in action on the drag strip yourself!

And if you are interested in seeing something similar, but a little bit more refined, go to this link.