C6 CORVETTE Supercharger Spits Flames on the Streets of Florida!

Check Out This Stunning C6 CORVETTE Supercharger FROM HELL Spits Flames on the Streets of Florida! This Thing Looks Scary and SOUNDS NASTY!

Recipe for becoming a badass? Drive a Procharger C6 Corvette Supercharger on the streets and set flames as you drive! This guy is a badass extraordinaire. The other cars look invisible when he`s around. By spitting fire, it draws your undivided attention and you simply can`t look away. Its presence will blow your mind and you will wish to immediately have this car at your disposal! Make sure to watch until the end with your sound devices ready to see this beauty glowing in the dark, firing up every sing one who lays eyes upon it!

Anyone knows much did he spend on the car? Check the YouTube channel of the owner! This beast was all black!