You are already well introduced with the Howe and Howe Technology`s AMAZING All-Terrain Vehicle – The Ripsaw! It is a great ATV that can make you feel safe, it is WAY TOO POWERFUL and can literally overpass EVERY OBSTACLE IN ITS WAY!!! It is really amazing what the Howe and Howe twins designed and produced in their little lab in Waterboro!!! But many were still having doubts as they wanted to see this thing DRIFT! Yeah, too bad it is moving on tracks and it is difficult for it to drift… But, is it?! Ever saw the extreme ATV RIPSAW on ice?!

This thing is going insane over there as everyone gets SURPRISED by this ENORMOUS TANK`s agility!!! The video that you are about to see, talks for itself. You will see the RIPSAW EV2 in action as it OWNS the frozen lake! This one is able to do MASSIVE skids as it is probably the fastest tracked vehicle!!! That is all understandable when you take into consideration the mid-mounted 650hp V8 motor!!! So, take a look at the footage where this extreme ATV is jumping over this snowy scenery and ploughing into trees as well as drifting on ice!!!

Anyway, have you seen the mini Ripsaw?