Meet The PERSONAL FLYING MACHINE Of The Future! Maker Plans Deliveries This Year!

Kitty Hawk is a “flying car” company in Silicon Valley and is reportedly backed by co-founder of Google – Larry Page. This company released a video recently of its “flying car” prototype and even announced that it has plans for deliveries as soon as this year. This video shows the single-seat personal flying machine taking off at an unknown location and hovering above a lake. The craft is powered by eight rotors. It does it`s taking off and landing vertically similarly to a helicopter. According to sources the craft weighs 220 pounds and can fly at 25mph. It can hover at a 15 feet height.

The company described this personal flying machine as an all-electric aircraft that is tested and completely safe to use. They continue to say that it`s also perfectly legal to ride in the U.S. in uncongested areas. A pilot`s license is not required and only two hours of training is needed to master the craft. You can`t find many information about this company, but a couple of reports have said that Larry Page has dumped a lot of money into Kitty Hawk. The price for the personal flying machine has still not been revealed but it should be later this year.

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