Watch Jay Leno As He Maneuvers This 20,000 HP Military LCAC Monster After Only 20 Minutes Of Training!

Comedian, TV host and actor Jay Leno stuns us once again with one of his wicked accomplishments! It was not that long ago since he crashed and flipped over performing a stunt. However, he decided to try himself out in other disciplines and try out the Military LCAC – Landing Craft Air Cushion! If you have never heard of this monster, the US Navy uses it for transporting goods and means from boat to shore. Passengers or soldiers are also often carried around in one of the Military LCAC systems.

The Monster we are talking about here is worth $41 Million! Moreover, 91 of these have been serving the US Navy. It is consisted of 4 engines, each carried approximately 5,000 HP – making a total of 20,000 HP! Anyway, Jay Leno made a joke about himself regarding the fact that he is not trained enough to maneuver the Military LCAC. Usually, an LCAC pilot needs to pass 196 hours of training, but Jay Leno, being a TV host is cool with 20 minutes! A great experience for Jay Leno and a great one for us two as this video brings much excitement. Watch Jay Leno as he sits behind the wheel of this 20,000 HP Monster!

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