Jay Leno Crash As He Goes 2500 HP On Two Wheels In A Plymouth Barracuda! This Video Will Leave You Speechless!

Jay Leno is a well-known car enthusiast. He has an impressive collection of cars that have been part of numerous episodes of his show named Jay Leno`s Garage. The video we are sharing with you today features Leno in one of these episodes, where he decides take a ride in the 2500 horsepower Hemi Under Glass! It is a Plymouth Barracuda that has its engine in the back. This allows the front wheels to come up every time the car accelerates!

The name “Hemi Under Glass“ was given to the car because the engine is visible underneath the glass fastback. Bob Riggle is the driver of this beast, and Jay Leno says that he was one of his heroes when he was growing up! Even though a lot of time has passed since the introduction of Hemi Under Glass, it is still driven by Bob! Did we also mention that Bob Riggle drives this 2500 horsepower monstrosity at 80 years of age? No? Well yes he does. However, this meet up ended in Bob Riggle and Jay Leno crash!

After meeting up with Bob Riggle, Jay Leno asks him about the idea for Hemi Under Glass. Bob reveals that the idea wasn`t his, and that two people, Ray Brock and George Hurst, were responsible for creating the 2500 horsepower Plymouth Barracuda. The engine is also shown from up close, and we must admit that it looks impeccable. Afterwards, Jay Leno decides to take a ride in the Hemi Under Glass. Listening the engine of this 468ci Hemi will send chills down your spine!

However, there is a twist! After accelerating a little bit, Bob Riggle tried to take a left turn that ended up with his and Jay Leno crash! The damage to the car was quite evident, and a medical team immediately came to the aid. Were Jay and Bob injured? Watch the video to get your answers!

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