1932 Ford Sedan Named Twice Blown Delivery Exhaust Can Bark Thanks To The 2500+ Horsepower HEMIS!

People do amazing stuff when you give them untied hands to work with. If someone has seen it all, that`s us. The World is a magnificent place and people are awesome, true! This time, we are getting amazed by this amazing custom 1932 Ford Sedan turned into a mighty hot rod! The machine barks as hell and how could it not?!

“Twice Blown” is a custom pro street 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery from 1932. It is a sick ride but street legal. Each HEMI blown engine has its own starter, fuel system, alternator and produces 1,250HP. The engines can be tuned separately with a  lap top and then fitted together again. As a results 2,500HP are available under the fiberglass Gibbon body.

Just like many other Hot Rods, this Ford Sedan is no different. The owner and creator decided to leave the exterior stock, with the already present leather seats. The engine however, is a different story!

This 1932 Ford Sedan, or Twice Blown if you wish, has probably been forged in the hell pits! The appearance of this hot rod is mainly mean as well as aggressive. The Gibbon body and the long wheel base are some of the accessories this beast has! Moreover, it is blessed with a 572ci K. Black HEMIS! Yes, it`s the engines that are the source of this car`s name!

Well, the HEMIS are being mated to a two Powerglide trans that has been Dedenbear built. It has been modified as valve body shift was used! The Twice Blown Delivery, however, is not meant to race. But, it is no show car either, says Steve Wrigth – the seller! The price tag on this honey is over $200K, or should we say -- $209,900! Amazing car, but is worth the same price as a supercar!?

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