1200HP 1927 Ford Double Trouble Hot Rod! Two 4.6L V8 Engines & 4 Superchargers!

Check out this 1200HP 1927 Ford Double Trouble Hot Rod! This thing has two 4.6L V8 Engines joined by 4 Superchargers! It is really incredible how this home built Rat Rod became street legal and all the new cars are passing through crash tests before they are allowed onto public street. In the meantime let us inform you that this beast is Gordon’s car from Las Vegas and it has 4 blowers as well as 2 426 hemi engine’s!

The story behind this vehicle is rather amusing. The owner of this vehicle wanted to show to the other rat rod owners that he can create something different. So he came up with the idea to build a car with two engines and four superchargers! If we were about to read an article for such vehicle we would automatically increase the volume of our speakers up. Hope that the same goes for you as well.

However, this vehicle is so loud that there is no reason to do so. In fact, when this vehicle is set in motion it is so loud that the editors have put subtitles in order to understand what the man driving it has to say!

Enjoy the video below!

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