The guys from `Urban Hill Billy Videos` made an awesome interview with the owner of the amazing 1957 Chevrolet Rat Rod Wagon! Meet Rick Newberry, who was willing to present his ride and take it for a spin. Knowing that you are more excited to meet the INSANE Chevy than Rick himself, let`s drop a few words about it! It was purchased directly from Chris Walker, the owner of ITW Hot Rods.

With a 355 roller engine built inside of it, this MONSTER won the Rat Rod contest held in 2013, the exact same year it was built! It has also been on various car shows and it has always attracted attention. Of course it did, a Rat Rod like this surely deserves it! After Mr. Newberry gives us a brief introduction, he finally takes the cameraman for a ride in his awesome ’57 rat rod wagon! As soon as the engine starts and the sound gets to your ears, you will know that this one is not a joke! That`s where we knew that this ride simply TURNES HADS! You shouldn`t hesitate any longer. Please feel free to click on the video and admire Rick Newberry for having this awesome ride!

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