Interview with the KDM Racing Founder! Highest Caliber, Mold Breaking Cars, and the Stories Behind Them!

kdm racing genesis coupe

KDM Racing it’s a car tuning company that offers services like high performance engine building,
custom racing engineering cylinder heads and much more. It was built on the foundation of bringing nothing but the top tier to your car and computer screens. KDM Racing was something its owner wanted to do for a long time, but the timing was never right. But now, it’s perfect. The goal of this company is to bring you the highest caliber, mold breaking KDM cars, and the stories behind them. In the future, they will be offering custom fabrication services, engine building, and some very one of a kind aerodynamic products.

This is an interview with Josh, the founder of KDM Racing!

1. Review Hyundai:  Who are the founders of KDM Racing?

Josh: I’m the original founder and mastermind. After about five months into it, we brought on my good friend Ryan to be a site content editor. He goes over the feature articles and proofreads them basically.
A few months back my good local friend Gabe came aboard to help with the social media aspects (Facebook, etc).
And just a couple weeks ago, Rusty joined our crew for the same roles as Gabe, a hype guy to help spread our name and what we enjoy.

2. Review Hyundai: When was KDM Racing founded and what are your main objectives…?

Josh: This was something I’d been doing for a while, racing korean cars. From several high horsepower Tiburons, to a competitively autocrossed Genesis Coupe racing has been a big part of my life for years.
I wanted to craft a site that would showcase the best in KDM car culture and performance. From the high horsepower track capable cars, to the cars making waves in the stance scene.
Thus, was born.

3. Review Hyundai: What are the main reasons why people decide for tuning?

Josh: There’s many factors now more than ever. I would say the biggest one is expression. Expressing yourself and what makes you an individual, through your car.

4. Review Hyundai: What kind of cars are you working on and what services are you offering?

Josh: I have been doing a ton of work lately on Genesis Coupes. Mainly local guys, but I recently assembled a fully forged engine for a 2.0T owner in Texas.

kdm racing hyundai tiburon

5. Review Hyundai: Do you have ready packages with different prices?

Josh: We had some offerings for the 2.0T Genesis and 2.7 V6 Tiburons on cylinder heads, but we’ve started to shy away from a company side of things, and focus solely on being a great site for enthusiasts to potentially have their cars showcased.

6. Review Hyundai: How are the customers satisfied from your work?

Josh: Well, in this scene you can’t please everyone. But overall I’d say 95% of people who I’ve worked with were happy.

7. Review Hyundai: Are you providing a warranty period?

Josh: Not officially.
If something happens and it’s of fault my own, then as a good person we make it right. If something fails as a result of the customer or an improper installation, than no.

8. Review Hyundai: What is your favorite Hyundai model for tuning?

Josh: I’ll always have a soft spot for the 03-08 Tiburons. Having owned and modified 3 different ones, each in a unique manner, they always impress me. My favorite one was a GT3071R powered 420whp 06 Tiburon 4cyl.

9. Review Hyundai: What is your ride and you had choose it?

Josh: I made a transition recently into parenthood, in which our Genesis Coupe was traded in for a family car.
Gabe drives a stanced 2010 Genesis 3.8 Track on K3 Projekt 1 wheels.
Ryan has a Tiburon that was previously featured on the site.
Rusty drives a TurboXS sponsored 2013 2.0T Genesis Coupe.