Mini VW Golf Extreme Makeover!

Car modifications come just in any size and shape, they can either be your normal usual ones such as engine swap or a color change but they can also be something more extreme, something that is going to make your car unique and one-of-a-kind. Restoring a classic car is something that requires great effort and knowledge. But sometimes people decide to go the fun way and turn a classic car into something unusual. Hereby we take a look at this video in which a man makes the funniest looking mini VW Golf.

VW Golf Extreme Makeover 2

This Golf has been around for decades now and has left a massive legacy in the European car world. Namely, he took this white Golf and cut it down to make it shorter. But the process was slow and he had to pay attention to small details. Once he completely cut out all the doors and significantly shortened this mini VW Golf, it was time to finish those cuts out and try to put it together. It took quite awhile to make the proper cuts until the two parts fit each other nicely.

After this it was time for welding. He tightened it up and started welding the car from all sides. You could get inside from the windscreen hence it does not have any doors. There is also no seat so you have to be careful while having fun with this tiny car.

What do you think, is this the tiniest VW Golf you have ever seen?