The Greatest European Car Collection Just Got $54,000,000! Meet The Stars Of The Collection!

Car collections can be very expensive and one can make a lot of money if he has the right players in the right positions. As you already read from the title, the biggest European car collection just made $54,000,000! The Sotheby auction house named their “Duemila Ruote” auction as the record holding one as they sold their cars for a mind-blowing sum like this one! This was the biggest car collection to be sold in Europe. The collection includes 817 cars, which were sold in three days! Of course, there was a star of the night. Here, the star was a 1966 Ferrari 275 which was separately sold for $3,2 million!

Right after it, second place was granted by Maserati MC12 which was sold for something less than the Ferrari, but still exceeding the 3 million. However, the Top 5 includes a Ferrari Daytona which was sold for $870K and a Porsche 959 for $1,000,000! Besides the cars, the event was dealing with bikes, motorcycles, motor boats and so on. However, take a look at the European car collection right below the text. Is it worth this kind of money? What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion with us!

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