This Will Be Your DREAM Supercar: Maserati MC12 Corsa!

Imagine that you are given the possibility to choose the best ever driver`s car, what would you choose? The Bugatti Grand Sport, maybe? Yeah, good choice, but is it a driver`s car? No! It is more of a race car. Let us suggest you the Maserati MC12 Corsa which we were convinced that is a great option. This car will also be put on track so that we can see its qualities from more aspects. However, keep in mind that the MC 12 Corsa is going to be bult in 12units. Ever! Believe it or not, there is a man who owns both of these cars, the Maserati mc12 Corsa, and the Veyron. He sure must have a lot of wealth, but he knows how to enjoy in it. While the Maserati sits more at home, the Veyron is the car that is most often on the track.

We tried both cars. Yeah, we had nice spring weather, beautiful Veyron and half an hour to spend with it. It was really remarkable half an hour. But, then it was time for a bit of Maserati. Different car-different approach. When you first try to bond with this car, you immediately know what this car is mostly about- individualistic details.  Most of the things are made of carbon fiber while the external part has a vinyl film cover. The owner of the Maserati who also has a F40 and a Mercedes CLK GTR uses this protection cover for his other cars, too.

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