BMW M760Li vs BMW M3 Competition 11

BMW M760Li vs BMW M3 Competition!

Modern car companies these days tend to focus the production of their vehicles mainly on two important aspects, that being speed and safety. Even though there are various types of cars you can buy, depending on …

12 Year Old Kid The New Drift King 1

Is This 12-Year-Old Kid The New Drift King?!

All bow down to the new drift king. EEDC and Formula Drift fans are pretty familiar with the racing team – HGK Motorsport.

This garage is responsible for building some pretty insane purpose-built BMW drifting monsters. One …

12 Years Old Boy BMW M3 Drift Car 12

12 Year Old Owns BMW M3 Drift Car!

Every car lover wish is to own his dream car, not many of us get the chance to do so hence most of these classic or super cars are fairly expensive to purchase and restore, but …