This BMW Recycling Plant Is Like Hell For Cars!

Ever wondered where your BMW goes when it gets old enough so that it can no longer run? Well, it goes to this BMW Recycling yard, or one just like it to get itself recycled.

BMW Recycling Plant 1

This video adequately depicts the process of recycling that these cars go through. First, a few workers start removing everything that could be re-used from the car that is about to get destroyed and recycled. This means they pull off any plastic from the inside, all parts that can go in other cars and basically everything but the frame and the glass parts on the windshield and the back, as well as the windows. When everything is stripped from the car, it is now ready for the end of the process of recycling.

This BMW recycling plant takes recycling as a way to get cars off the street but replace them with newer and better cars, and in order to do that they need to destroy these old vehicles. This is done by mechanized cranes, as you can see in the video. A guy operating the cranes basically grabs the car by the roof, lifts it up and throws it in a compressing machine, which then comes down on the car and turns it into a cube of metal. The cube is then thrown on top of the other cubes of metal, probably to be melted down and reshaped into a new car. Either way, this video is really intriguing to watch and it`s even more intriguing to think about where your BMW is going to go after a few years!

Car destruction? This video will blow your mind!