12 Year Old Owns BMW M3 Drift Car!

Every car lover wish is to own his dream car, not many of us get the chance to do so hence most of these classic or super cars are fairly expensive to purchase and restore, but this 12 years old boy got the chance to have his very own BMW M3 drift car. Though it is not shown in the video how he got the car, or whether he really owns it, it is still surprising enough to see such young man own such classic.

12 Years Old Boy BMW M3 Drift Car 2

His name is Nicolas and he takes us through a brief review of the car, as well as we see a video of him doing absolute miracles with the M3 drift car. The car is at the mechanics and is partially taken apart at the start of the video.

The actual model is a BMW M3 E36. It has an amazing LS3, 6.2 L engine, but there is not any information about its power or torque. The M3 drift car has an HGK carbon Kevlar body kit which makes the car light weight but super strong. It also has Wilwood brakes as well as Winter differential and a Feal suspension. In order to upgrade the cars` safety, they installed a roll cage and a Wisefab front and rear angle kit. The pedals are all custom-fitted just for him. But the most fascinating aspect of the video is when we see this little kid in action. He performs amazing drifts on the track together with other drivers!

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