Quick Thinking Saved This Guy’s Two BMW M3 E36 & X5 From HURRICANE HARVEY Floods!

Check out how this guy saved his 2 BMW M3 and X5 from Hurricane Harvey Floods with quick thinking and garden blocks.

Quick Thinking Saved This Guys Two BMW M3 E36 X5 From HURRICANE HARVEY 2

When a hurricane or any type of floods threaten your home the most important is to move your valuables to higher ground in order to avoid the water. So, this man from Texas used his trailers, garden blocks and jack stands in order to save his BMW X5 and 2 M3s from the Hurricane Harvey Floods .

Several of his friends parked their cars on the upper floors of the parking garages or put their favorite cars on a home lift. But this guy Crocket has found the best solution to stop the rising water taht was coming very fast, like 5 inches every 30 minutes. He first put his red M3 on a jack stands and his white BMW M3 on a trailler and thoughts his X5 would be safe with its ground clearance. So then he used the garden blocks, he was adding all of them under each jack stand and he got the cars to the maximum height you can see on the photos.

However, the rain is not over yet so he will have to find few more blocks to lift the cars even more. Anyway, we must appreciate Crocket’s quick thinking. For the end watch the new Crochet’s video of how he saved his stuff from the flood.