WARNING: Mercedes SLS AMG Car Is Getting Completely Destroyed In The Scrapyard!

This video will definitely make you shed a tear or two if you are a real petrol head. The Mercedes SLS AMG car is one of the best looking ever the German manufacturer has produced. It was a limited production which seized in 2014. It featured the glorious gull-wing doors which are the signature of the car. However, in India, they absolutely don`t care. This clip shows the SLS AMG getting completely destroyed in an Indian scrap yard. According to the description of this video, the SLS AMG was used for criminal activities. According to laws, the car now can`t be purchased or sold.

You will cringe every second of this video as the Mercedes SLS AMG car is being destroyed by heavy machinery. It even looks like the employees are having fun while annihilating the famed car. The German exotic is being squeezed, watered and dropped. They could`ve at least turned it into a cube instead of tearing out parts like that. We are more than sure that this will bring a lot of anger in each and every one of you. It`s not the car`s fault that some drug dealer was using it for his illegal activities. Check out the SLS being scrapped in the video below and tell us what you think!

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