I`m quite sure that if you`re following the world of sports and muscle cars closely, there is absolutely no need to tell you what the Le Mans 24 is. But in a case you`re new into the race game, we`ll only mention that it is one of the world`s most famous car races, with a very long tradition, that`s taking place in France. And today, we`re going to show you an interesting moment that happened on this year`s annual edition, when the AUDI R8 safety car did something which surprised everyone, and raised quite an interest!

No matter which race we`re talking about, and where it is happening, I think that you`ll agree with me when I say that drifting isn`t something you`d associate with the race track`s safety car, right? But, that`s exactly what happened at one moment during this year`s 24 Hour of Le Mans!

It happened during a rainy practice session, before the event, when an Audi R8 safety car, went out on the track to inspect it, and all of a sudden, the car dramatically sped around the track. The epic event was caught by the cameras, and immediately became a sensation.

And if you think that it was all unintentional and accidental, you`re wrong. Because, as we could have found out (even though it`s unofficial), behind the wheel of that great Audi R8, was a four-time Le Mans champion, Yannick Dalmas. So I guess the guy just took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself.

So check out the video and see how the whole scene looked like! And for those of you who want to enjoy at some of the best moments of last year`s 24 Hour of Le Mans, go to this link.