A Michigan Town Is Forcing This CAR COLLECTOR To Sell 20 Very Old Cars Every Month!

Ron Dauzet is a car collector and enthusiast who has 20 very old cars sitting on his property. Some of these are common, others are rare. His collection features everything from old Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs to Jeeps, Porsches and MGs. However, the property he lives in which is located in a Michigan township, it is an unlicensed junkyard. Having said that, according to this Michigan town, his precious cars must go. However, this Michigan town is forcing him to sell his cars at a very fast rate that Ron fears he can`t manage.

20 Very Old Cars 4

Ron who is 74 years old, must sell up to 20 cars a month which is something maybe nobody can manage. Having said that, he is amazingly overwhelmed by the decision.

One guy saw a Mazda Miata up for sale in Michigan that he wanted to buy. When he went to the destination, instead of that one Miata he ended up finding a gigantic field which was filled many very old cars. Most of them European and quirky enthusiast cars. Before selling some of these enthusiast cars, Ron had up to 218 cars sitting on his property. The town his property is located is called Northfield Township. When asked, Ron was not really sure why this town wanted to immediately sell his car collection. It looks like the town finds his collection an eyesore. It also finds his collection a potential hazard. So many inoperative cars sitting in one place can be overgrown with weeds, infested with insects and rodents, etc.

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