Loading 11 Brand New BMWs On The Eddie Stobart Transporter!

In this one we have an amazing timelapse video which showcases an Eddie Stobart transporter 11 new 3 series beemers at a festival back in September, 2013.

Eddie Stobart Transporter Loading BMW 2

Now, you got to have respect for these rolling parking lots / auto-car haulers. The immense loads are really something and to transport so many vehicles at once without causing damage is art indeed. We can`t even imagine how high this load is. It must weight a lot of tons. Nevertheless, these guys sure have many aces up their sleeves. This means way lower costs than your conventional car transporting method. Now, if someone can do something like this, you bet it will be Eddie Stobart. The company`s road transport division has more than 40 years of experience and managed to be the leading company in the field in Europe.

You can see the exhibition in the video below which was performed at the renowned Carlisle Fest. You can see many people gathered around the exhibition and every one of them is stricken with awe. It`s definitely not something you can see every day. Now, we really don`t know if this would be legal to transport cars like this on the road. First and foremost, the BMWs are stacked higher than what the law states. Second, it`s way overweight. Nevertheless, to pack 11 big BMWs like that is really something and in this case a true art. You can see the guys from Eddie Stobart Transporter performing this step by step and you can only marvel at their skill. Now, check out the video below and enjoy the great show!

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