Check Out The Tom Bailey Camaro 1969!

Having a rocket and being able to legally drive it on the streets!? Isn`t that something that every drag racing fan dreams about? Well, some of us may be dreaming it, but others out there are actually living it! Tom Bailey is the guy who is the owner of one such vehicle, one of the most insanely fastest cars in America and the world, a 1969 Chevy Camaro. This is the Tom Bailey Camaro!

Anyone who can call himself a drag race enthusiast and fan, knows well that it is an extremely difficult thing to create an unbelievably fast car that can be driven on the streets legally. But thanks to Tom Bailey from Lake Orion in Michigan, a guy who managed to blur that line between strictly race car and street legal car, competing on the 2013 Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week with his awesome Chevy Camaro, we can see that it is possible.

His great Camaro is running on a massive Steve Morris 615ci BBC, paired up with Brodix 14-degree heads, a hyper-control boost controller, and a Holley Dominator EFI system. On the rear, it is shoed in 35″ tires, and as he says, the last time when it was on the dyno, the result was astonishing 2 200 HP.

So check out the video and see this unbelievable car, and how Tom managed to make five 6 second passes in a row, driving it for a 1 000 miles in between. Really impressive Tom Bailey Camaro!

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