Bentley Fail Compilation! Painful To Watch!

We have seen number of videos of people as well as cars failing and every time they make us laugh but the following Bentley fail compilation is way different! Most of us will feel the inner pain once seeing an Bentley being completely destroyed. And this fail compilation has everything, from failing at seemingly simple tasks to losing control while racing. The video starts off with a guy trying to load his Bentley on a truck, presumably for transporting.

Bentley Fail Compilation Painful To Watch 1

All he needs to do is to drive slowly and to make sure not to hit the truck`s body. Instead, just as he got very close to the truck`s body, his leg pushed on the gas pedal thus ending up hitting the grill and causing significant damage. If you though that this was not big of a deal hence he can fully replace just the grill, check out the following video from the Bentley fail compilation.

While racing on the track, the driver loses control and ends up hitting the fence. This blow completely wrecks his car, and it seems that it cannot be repaired once again. You do not have to race with your Bentley to get it completely destroyed. In one video we can see the car driving on the street when all of a sudden, he hits an object on the road causing his car to launch itself in the air.

This is so painful to watch! Check out the full compilation in the link below!